New from Dolphin CADCAM - V15 Dolphin 3DCAM Plus

Bring advanced 3 Axis machining within every machinist's reach.

Using proven, state of the art technology, creating complex 3D tool paths has never been easier, quicker or more COST EFFECTIVE.

PartMaster V15 Modules

PartMaster V15 Milling Module

The Milling module is a system designed to create accurate, complete programs for CNC Mills and Machining Centers, both vertical and horizontal. PartMaster is a fully interactive program environment; no learning of programming language needed, and all geometry can be created in PartMaster CAD or imported via DXF files.

PartMaster V15 Lathe Module

The Lathe module is designed to create complete programs for NC and CNC lathes and turning centers. No need to learn a programming language, and all required geometry is automatically extracted from a PartMaster CAD drawing or imported from DXF.

PartMaster V15 Wire EDM Module

The Wire EDM (Wire Erosion Module) is a specialized program preparation system for 2 and 4 axis Wire EDM machines. Geometry can be created in a PartMaster CAD drawing, DXF, IGES or STEP file, therefore requiring no learning of a programming language. 


Matt Johnson MPS Engineering

I use Dolphin PartMaster every day to program my CNC lathes.

Nothing I have used is quicker at producing my G-Code files, I can get an enquiry in the morning and less than an hour later my lathe is running.

My customers come to me for my accuracy and fast turnaround.

My competitors can’t touch me.

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