Licensing and Technical Support Policy


All Licenses supplied for our software products are permanent and are tied to the original PC/Laptop from which the License Request originated. There are no annual subscriptions due for the maintenance of these licenses.

Clients who wish to move their License to an alternative PC/Laptop due to failure of the original (or for any other reason) may request a replacement License for the alternative platform.

These replacement Licenses are provided free of charge for those Clients covered by an Annual Technical Support contract (see below), where there is no Support contract in place an Admin Fee is payable.

For information regarding the current Admin Fee please contact

Technical Support

Dolphin CAD CAM Systems are able to provide a range of standard and bespoke Technical Support Services.

When you purchase any product from Dolphin CAD CAM – you can rest assured that help is at hand.

The software modules all have their own comprehensive Help Files that include dynamic animations. A huge range of example drawings and machining programs are included that show many of the basic functions.

Step by step tutorials cover many topics to get you started.

Technical Support services are available to all clients at the following levels:

Free Support: All customers get technical support from our technical staff. Paid support customers do get priority, but we still respond as quickly as possible.

Free Support Includes:

Chargeable Support: Annual Technical Support Service Contract, this contract is renewed on a yearly basis and provides a direct service as an alternative to using the free User Group Forum.

The Service Contract Provides:

  • Telephone support manned by experienced engineers.
  • Direct email support, priority is always given to inquiries from Service Clients.
  • Priority help desk support at
  • Reduce pricing on service items such as on-site training and post-processor development.
  • User Group Forum at
    • This forum provides a knowledge base of previously asked questions and worked examples. Clients may also post their own inquiries or observations. Dolphin technical staff monitor questions to the forum and post replies where required. This way, Dolphin can provide a free level of Technical Support which will benefit all customers.

We believe the above approach provides a Technical Support solution for all customers and enables the selection of a service level which suits their particular situation. With 35 years of experience in the supply of CAD CAM software we feel our Technical Support policy is both fair and ethical and provides a Support Service for our varied group of customers which include Sub-Contract Machinists, Manufacturers, Multi National Conglomerates, Educational & Training Establishments, and Hobbyists. We welcome any constructive comments on our Service Policy, these may be directed to

Please note that we are not able to provide technical support for your computer hardware or operating system. Similarly we cannot provide support for your machine tools. However we will do our best to make sure that your system is up and running.

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