Easy Thread

Has been developed for the Easy, Fast & Efficient production of any type of Standard and Non Standard, verified thread cutting CNC cycles. After production of the CNC cycle the Dolphin Simulator can be employed for the verification process . The required thread can be produced by use of the CNC G Codes on a CNC Machine Tool or by use of the Simulation stock model on a 3D Printer.

  • Description

Easy Thread Features & Functions:

EasyThread can machine:

  • Parallel External threads
  • Tapered External threads
  • Parallel Internal threads
  • Tapered Internal threads
  • Fusee threads
  • Left or Right hand thread

Tool types - EasyThread can use

  • Radius tip
  • Flat tip
  • Point tip

EasyThread has settings for:

  • Metric and Inch dimensions
  • CNC Cycle Start & End procedures
  • Automatic block numbering
  • Stock from STL files
  • Approach and Runoff moves
  • Multiple Cuts, Rough & Finish
  • Pitch & TPI control
  • Entry and/or Exit cuts
  • Multiple Threads at various XY points
  • Inbuilt Video support materials as part of installation

Supported Thread Types

EasyThread supports the cutting of three types of Thread each of which offer a number of options for design of the resultant tool path. EasyThread designs may be used for CNC machining of the thread forms or 3D printing of the threaded parts.

Thread Types supported are :-
1) External Parallel
2) External Tapered
3) Internal Parallel
4) Internal Tapered
5) Fusee

External Threads

External Threads may be parallel or taper types, see diagrams below :-

External Parallel

External Taper (3 deg Taper)

Internal Threads

Internal Threads may be parallel or taper types, see diagrams below :-

Internal Parallel

Internal Taper (3 deg Taper)

Fusee Threads

Fusee Threads are normally used in Horological applications and involve the cutting of a thread groove upwardly around a curved / conical stock bar, see diagrams below :-

Initial stock

machined thread

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