Lathe Basic

The Partmaster Lathe Basic software is designed to create complete programs for NC and CNC lathes and turning centers. No need to learn a programming language, and all required geometry is automatically extracted from a Partmaster CAD drawing or imported from DXF. Software prices are for permanent licenses. We do not charge a yearly subscription fee for the use of our software.

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Partmaster Lathe Basic Features & Functions:

  • Import and DXF files.
  • Automatic Gouge free machining.
  • Constant Surface Speed Control.
  • Cycles for Facing, Turning, Grooving, Threading & Drilling.
  • Supports 2 axis lathes with either a rear or front turret or tool post.
  • Multiple Tool librarie
  • Tool types: Turn, Face, Groove, Trepan (Face Groove), Boring bar, Thread, Drill, Ream, Bore, and Tap.
  • Automatic area clearance between billet and finished profile.
  • Facility for defining stock such as a casting or forged blank.
  • Canned cycles for drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, and threading (parallel or tapered).
  • Separate finishing allowance in Z and X.
  • Grooving cycles for face and diameter with options for lip and root chamfers or fillets.
  • One hit machining with grooving tools, the groove tool can be used to rough and finishing in a single operation.
  • Part surface programming.
  • Constant surface speed control.
  • Cycle time estimates.
  • Output to selected machines with standard post processors.

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