New PartMaster V15 - Lathe Standard Module

The cost effective solution to keeping your machine tools cutting metal 2D CAD, 2D & 2.5D Milling / Drilling, Post processing

2D CAD for creating part shapes or create complete drawings

Import DXF files and just select the features you need to machine

Face and Turn Roughing

Internal Boring

Roughing and Finishing with a Button tool

Grooving cycles with Chamfer & Fillet settings

Screw cutting with Internal & External, Parallel & Tapered threads

  • Full Machine Tool Simulation
  • 2D CAD module included
  • Import DXF IGES & STEP files
  • Face Roughing
  • Turn Roughing
  • Profile Roughing
  • Internal Boring
  • External Finishing
  • Internal Finishing
  • Grooving
  • Screw cutting
  • Drilling
  • Automatic Gouge free machining
  • Constant Surface Speed Control
  • Cycles for Facing, Turning,
    Grooving, Threading & Drilling
  • Tool Tip Radius compensation
  • Supports 2 axis lathes with
    either a Rear or Front turret or
    tool post, & Sliding head
  • Tool types: Turn, Face,
    Groove, Trepan (Face
    Groove), Boring bar, Thread,
    Drill, Ream, Bore, and Tap
  • Automatic area clearance between billet and finished profile
  • Roughing between
    Casting/Forging & Profile
  • Separate finishing allowance in Z and X
  • Part surface programming
  • Cycle time estimates
  • Display of tool tip, tool tip envelope or full tool animation
  • Full range of Post Processors

Using 'Rear Approach' tooling allows components to be completed in a single hit.

When machining complex Profiles, the tool tip geometry is known and produces 'Gouge free' machining.

Clear and concise graphics of the Profile, Stock material, Chuck and Tailstock allow for easy program verification.

Using Boring tools with front or rear approach enables complex internal Profiles to be machined accurately.

Machining on the front face of a component.

Using a Button Tool to Rough and Finish the component.

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