New PartMaster V15 - Mill Express Module

The cost effective solution to keeping your machine tools cutting metal 2D CAD, 2D & 2.5D Milling / Drilling, Post processing

2D CAD for creating part shapes or create complete drawings

Import DXF files and just select the features you need to machine

Pocketing, Profiling and Drilling

Full Tool offsetting with auto generation of Lead in / Lead out

Engraving - True Type or Stick fonts

Area Clearance with Islands

Machining an imported shape for Routing or Engraving

  • 2D CAD module included
  • Import DXF files
  • Pocketing
  • Profiling
  • Thread Milling
  • Face Milling
  • Chamfering
  • Drilling
  • Slot Milling
  • Automatic Area Clearance of any shaped Contour with,options for Linear, Zigzag  and Spiral machining Spiral plunging option for pocketing Ramping with arc (helical), angled or straight line approach
  • Full Tool Radius compensation(G41/G42)
  • Tool Length Compensation
  • Supports 2 and 2.5 Axis Milling
  • Display of component andtoolpath in Plan, Front & SideElevation and Iso-metric views
  • Display of tool centre-line, toolpath envelope or full toolanimation
  • Canned cycles for milling,drilling, peck-drilling, deep hole drilling, reaming, boring, tapping and circular and rectangular pocketing
  • Simplified 2D contouringcontrol with automaticgeneration of lead-in and lead-out
  • Post processors

The Power of CAD-CAM in the quickest and easiest to use software - ideal for machinists who want to cut metal !

PartMaster Mill Express. For too long CAD-CAM systems have relied on a user interface that is non intuitive and cumbersome. Now you can create programs for your Milling machines and Machining centres without having to learn a CAD system - simply choose the machining primitive you require and the geometry feature and toolpath are created together.

The Main Toolbar

The Drilling Options Toolbar

The Machining Dialogue

Fanuc, Heidenhain,Haas, Seimens, C-Tek,Cincinnati, MACH,EMC, Tormach etc...


What does each of the new toolbar options let me do ?

The Machine Setup allows you to choose the units you wish to work in - Metric or Imperial, setting a Safety (Home) position, Tool change position, choosing a Clearance and Rapid plane, setting the machine Origin and Job number and description.

This option allows geometric data from PartMaster CAD to be selected, you may also import a DXF file from another source. PartMaster Level 2 will allow you to automatically create Contours(polylines) and Drill point patterns from the DXF file.

Creating Canned cycles for Drilling is easy, you may create Drill, Deep Drill, Peck Drill, Ream, Bore and Tap cycles - all utilising the canned cycles available on your controller. Options for Bolt Hole Circle, Rectangular Grid and Random XY patterns.

The Contouring option allows user defined and imported geometry to be machined, you may also use one of the machining primitives - Rectangle, Circle or Ellipse, these allow the location (XY) and parameters such as Diameter, Length, Height and rotation angle to be specified. Tool Lead-in and Lead-out in a variety of styles is built-in. Finishing cuts and climb or conventional milling are available.

Area Clearance of Pockets with or without islands with a variety of cutting strategies are catered for. Complex profiles can be machined or the primitives can be used. Tool stepover, Climb or Conventional milling, machining angle and roughing and finishing cuts can all be set.

Machining slots has never been easier - either Straight or Arc slots can be cut, defining the parameters is easy using the multiple choice menus, you might know the start and end positions or the start, length and angle of the slot. For Arc slots you may know the Centre, start and end angles. If the tool won’t cut the full width then multiple cuts are applied automatically with rough and finish cuts.

Facing off the top of the material can be accomplished with ease, enter the maximum and minimum XY sizes or choose a Contour to define the area to be machined. Cut in X or Y, single direction or Zig-Zag, set the start and end Z planes and the number of intermediate passes.

Machining of Text in PartMaster is fully featured and flexible. Any True-Type font can be machined as well as a number of “Stroke fonts” supplied by Dolphin. Text can follow a Line, Arc or a CONTOUR -The text height and the total width can be set, text can be mirrored, rotated, left, centre or right justified. Each character can be machined on the line, inside or Area Cleared.

The miscellaneous commands allow the user to add a variety of “M” functions to a program, the post processor will output all required commands to set the spindle speed, feed rates etc, but sometimes you may want to output an optional stop command “/M01” and the message CLEAR SWARF, this can all be done from this option.

CAM systems are only as good as the output they create, we at Dolphin pride ourselves on producing quality output that will cut metal on your machine. Tried and tested post-processors are available for all major machine tool and controller combinations. The post-processing software is part of the system and users can modify and create their posts if required, also part of the system is a built-in Rs232 communications module.

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