PartMaster V15 Wire EDM Module

The cost effective solution to keeping your machine tools cutting metal 2D CAD, 2D & 2.5D Milling / Drilling, Post processing

2D CAD for creating part shapes or create complete drawings

Import DXF, IGES & STEP files and just select the features you need to machine

2 Axis cutting with Auto Lead in & Lead out

2 Axis with Tapers for Punch / Die

Complex 2 Axis cutting with angle changes and corner conditions

4 Axis cutting with Synchronisation points

Involute Gear Design for Spur & Rack Gears

  • Full Machine Tool Simulation 2D CAD module included Import DXF IGES & STEP files
  • Set Lead in & Lead out options to Linear, Line & Tangential Arc
    Rectangular move - Line, Line & Arc, Wire offsets Generator settings Feed rates
  • Pilot Hole (Start hole):
    Set position from Profile
    Set in CAD
    Pre-drill hole with M/Cs drill
  • Multiple cuts:
    Rough, Second & Finish cuts
    Reverse direction on alternate cuts
    Separate settings for each cut
    Set Offset register for each cut
    Tagging - with settings
  • Built in RS232 module
  • Post processors for all Wire EDM machines
  • 2 Axis Cutting
    Simply draw the part in CAD or import a DXF file and the machining command is created, choose your options of Forward / Reverse and offset Left, Right or None.
  • Tapered Cutting
    Set the angle to start or change the angle at any point around the shape. Radii can be set to ISO, Conic or Programmable
  • 4 Axis Cutting Advanced Profiling for differing shapes at XY & UV planes, automatic or user defined synchronization.

Internal & External shapes with wire cutting and re-threading

Multiple cuts with path reversal and tagging

Setting synchronisation points between XY & UV Profiles

Changing Wire angle when moving between spans

Using the Mirror and Translate commands to produce multiple cavities

Full 4 Axis cutting with UV Scale and Rotate

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