Welcome to our 2D CAD video tutorials
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An introduction to the PartMaster 2D Cad

Shows how to import a Milling DXF drawing into the PartMaster 2D CAD module

Creating a Contour in CAD for machining in CAM

Machining the Contour created previously

Shows how to import a DXF drawing for Turning

Creating a Profile in CAD for Turning in CAM

Machining the DXF Turning drawing in CAM

Shows how to create a new drawing in 2D CAD

Placing Dimensions on the basic drawing

Creating a Contour on the basic drawing

Shows the various Line drawing options in CAD

Modifying geometry in CAD

Introduces "Typed input" to enter exact sizes-Part 1

Typed input - Part 2

Typed input - Part 3

Drawing a Stepped Shaft for Turning

Adding text to an Ellipse

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