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Redistributable files.

Dolphin Cad Cam Systems Ltd - 3rd Party Redistributable Requirements

Within this context 'redistributable' files are 3rd party files (usually .dll / .exe from Microsoft) which are prerequisite before a specific application will execute. In most cases these prerequisite files are already present on a PC as part of a different application and in this case no user action is required, alternatively where these prerequisite files do not exist then they must be installed prior to running the target application.


Required redistributables listed by Product - 24th February 2016:-

PartMaster 3DCAM & MWSimulator

Redistributable name : Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

File name : vcredist_x86.exe

Required by : Revolve.exe

Revolve.exe is called to generate cyclindrical models in the form of a .stl files.

These models are used as Stock Bars in both Turning and Rotary Axis machine simulation.

If this redistributable is not installed Simulator will continue to function but will not be able to generate Stock Files in Bar form.

These can be produced by a 3rd party Design product and imported by Simulator.

Presence or absence of this redistributable will not affect Simulation based on Rectangular block stock models.


Redistributable name : Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

File name : vcredist_x86.exe

Required by : Dolphin 3DCAM.exe


Redistributable name : Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

File name : vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_IA64.exe (depends on installed chipset.)

Required by : Simulator application

If the above redistributable is not installed then the Simulator may fail to execute and report a missing .dll file.

All of the above redistributable files can be obtained from the following download url :-

When unzipped you will need to choose which set to install, those with 64 in the filename are only for use on 64 bit machines.

X86 files are for use on 32bit machines.

Please do not try to install the wrong versions for your particular PC.



This is a Windows runtime module and is used by most parts of the PartMaster suite, normally it is installed on PCs when Windows is first installed.

If you get an error message when running any of the PartMaster apps that Mfc100.dll is missing you will need to download and install the required version from here.

For a 32 bit & 64 machines

[ click here to download ]


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