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An introduction to 3D CAM

Importing an IGES file

3D CAM Job setup

3DCAM Basic Part - part 1

3DCAM Basic Part - part 2

Selecting edges

Project 1

Project 2

Machining a STL file

2D Machining

Machining a Cone - 1 

Machining a Cone - 2

Machining a Cone - 3 

Machining a Cone - 4

Importing a profile and creating a cavity

Rotating the model to a face

Creating a 3D shape and machining

Machining partial Sketches

Machining a STL file of a dog head

Machining the Phone - part 2

3D CAD basic geometry

3DCAM Cavity Roughing

3DCAM Cavity Finishing

3DCAM Machining a sloping face

3D CAD basic geometry - part 2

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